Take your money and run!

Bonnie sat on the soft bed, letting her feet dangle from the edge and watching the ceiling fan spin above her. Adam crouched by his record player, flipping through his collection of vinyl.

“what are you in the mood for?” Adam asked in his young voice. He muttered to himself as he went from record to record: too rock, too slow, oh this one is great..but nah.

            Bonnie stared at the back of Adams head, zoned out completely. “I want to get out of here.” She replied.

“I don’t think I have that album” Adam said, smirking and turning around towards Bonnie. He stared back at her, looking at her light blue eyes, then her short black hair and her small nose that had the little bend in the middle that he loved so much.

“No Adam,” Bonnie smiled back, pausing to look at Adams sweet face, his brown eyes and short messy hair. He was giving her that smirk he always gave her when pushing her towards an adventure. “I meant… well I want to not be here. You know?”

“ok so you want to go for a walk?” Adam replied. He sat next to Bonnie, running his fingers through her soft hair. “I know what you mean though, you don’t want to be here” He flicked his hand towards the room. “So tell me then Bon, if the Sunshine State is killing you so much, where do you wanna go?”

Bonnie grabbed his hand and held it in hers. “Ok, what about California? We can get some nice tans and walk around the boardwalk listening to Sublime and Red Hot Chili Peppers. We can visit the Hollywood sign and meet some movie stars?”

Adam stood up and slowly paced through the room, rubbing his bare face and contemplating. “hmm… too hectic. How about Maine? We can go live by the water and become fishermen? Go hiking and camping every other weekend. We can have a comfy house a couple blocks from the sea.” He kneeled infront of Bonnie and caressed her legs. Softly he said “And late at night when we’re drunk and stoned, we can walk to the beach and lay under the stars and make out.”

Bonnie smiled and pulled Adam in for a long kiss. “We can make out anywhere though. Isn’t Maine cold as fuck? She stood and walked over to the corner of the room where Adam kept most of his posters. Right next to a CREAM poster was a map of North and south America. She crossed her arms and examined it closely. Adam came up behind her and leaned his head on her shoulder.

Bonnie naturally patted his face and continued looking at the map. “How about New York! We can spend every morning at a different coffee shop. We can go to different bars and walk drunk through Grand Central Park. I’ll find a cute spot underneath the moon and kiss you. After, We can go to our cozy little condo high up in an apartment building. Imagine the view of the skyline at night time. Think about it…making love in our warm bed as the blue light from the city peeks through our curtains. Then we can fall asleep together to the sound of the cars and people below. When we get old and can’t handle all the walking of the city we can get out and live in one of those cute little suburban neighborhoods right at the outskirts. We can get that dog you wanted and he can run around in our back yard.” Bonnie turned to Adam and wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing him in for another warm kiss. “Just anywhere but here for fucks sake.”

Adam looked back up at the map and then back at Bonnie. “How about Alaska, think about it—Just me and you. We would be secluded, how beautiful would that peace and quiet be? How beautiful would it be to cuddle together through the winter.” Adam walked towards a desk nearby and began looking through it. “The issue is, how are we going to pay for any of this?

“We just have to sell everything we own, duh.” Bonnie stood, eyeing through the states. “Isn’t that how people usually do it. They follow the same routine for 30 years or so and then they freak out, have an existential crisis, sell everything they got, and move to like—Cambodia or something? We can do that. You know, it’s never too early for an existential crisis.” Bonnie chuckled. Adam came back to her and placed a red dart in her hand. He grabbed her shoulders and moved her back a couple of steps.

“And what’s this for?” She asked.

“Listen, I’m 22 and you’re 21, we got nothing here but out parents and a couple shitty friends. We don’t have anything to lose. We each grab a backpack full of clothes and some electronics and jewelry to pawn off for cash. Greyhound tickets can’t be that expensive, right?” Adam gave Bonnie a kiss on the cheek and went back to his rant. “I got a couple of hundred bucks in my savings, I know you got some too. Listen I’m serious if you are. Throw the dart, lets sell everything we got, let’s leave this place, let’s have our exsistential crisis.”

Bonnie looked at Adam in disbelief, she smirked and stared at the map ahead of her. Her mind was empty, she learned that in situations like these, the best thing to do was not to think at all. She focused her sight on the middle of the map, then closed her eyes shut and held her breath. She brought her arm back and threw the dart. The only sound was from the dart hitting the wall, she felt Adam tighten his grip around her shoulders and she opened her eyes.

She looked at Adam and nodded her head. “Ok” She said.

Adam softly grasped her face and gave her a powerful kiss. “Ok, let’s go.” He said.


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