True Happiness

A loud burp filled the quiet room, Chris had just finished devouring most of his take-out meal and was packing up the left-overs. A loud crash brought him upright and he looked towards the kitchen, he saw his white bundle of a cat sitting on the counter licking herself, on the floor a sea of shattered glass. “Fluffball…” He said, glaring at the indifferent feline. He cleaned up the mess and patted Fluffball on the head, “I forgive you” He whispered to her, the cat only stared. Chris went back to the living room where his left overs laid on the table, next to the worn down couch that sat in the middle of a cramped apartment at the far end of the noisy city.

He sat down and rustled through the bags searching for what he believed was the best part of the meal. “There you are.” He said as he pulled out a single fortune cookie. He quickly unwrapped the cookie and broke the yellow shell in half, he pulled the white paper that stuck out and threw it on the table, the cookie was gone shortly after and Chris laid back with a satisfied moan.

It was 9PM and he had work tomorrow so he began cleaning up the dirty table and putting away the left overs. He picked up the used napkins and tossed them away then he picked up the fortune from the cookie and quickly glanced at it. You will discover true happiness the fortune said, Chris smiled and tossed the fortune in the bag along with some empty take-out boxes. “Time for bed Fluffball” He said as he walked over and slumped under the warm covers. He fell asleep immediately.

The next morning he woke up in a great rush. He was 20 minutes late to work and he cursed himself as he flew out the door and into the busy street. “Worst fucking day for this” He muttered as he walked into his workplace 15 minutes later. He sat at his desk panting and sweating. A Co-worker walked by and casually said “Late on promotion day huh?” Chris’ face grew red with shame. Hours went by and the boss made the important announcements. Another hour or two stalked past and Chris clocked-out angry and disappointed. “True happiness my butt.” He muttered, thinking back to the fortune. On his way home he stopped by the store to pick up his daily scratch-off. Right there and then he began scraping off the pink film, revealing an X, true happiness Chris thought as he scratched at the second box. Another bold X revealed itself, Chris sucked in air and paused, a million bucks sounds like true happiness he thought to himself. He scratched the final box and was greeted with an O and a broken spirit. He smirked at the failure and walked out the store.

A couple blocks down he saw a women walking towards him, his heart skipped a beat as he lingered on her hazel eyes, her short black hair, and her smooth pale skin. True love he thought, true love equals true happiness, this is it. He watched her as she moved closer, he saw her pull out her phone from her back pocket and with it came out a crumpled dollar. Visions of romance and hope flashed before him at the sight of this divine intervention. She walked past him and he grabbed the bill and turned around. “excuse me! You dropped this!” he shouted to her, running up behind the girl. She turned and they locked eyes, for a moment all his troubles melted away as he held this bill up to his future wife. “Thanks dude” She muttered, quickly swiping the bill and moving away from him.

Chris was home soon after, he changed into his pajamas and grabbed the leftover food from last night. He sat on the couch and turned on the t.v. “New episode’s starting Fluffball!” He said as he dug a forkful of noodles into his mouth. Fluffball hopped onto the couch and curled into a ball next to his owner. Chris chewed his food and he became lost in the show, the loud soothing purr of his beloved companion filled him with comfort. Relief melted over him as he remembered that his day off was tomorrow. He ran his fingers through the soft fur of his cat as he thought back to the fortune cookie. “True happiness” He whispered.


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