Drug Tales: The Trip

Thinking back on it, i don’t remember ever taking that dose of LSD. L…S…D… It felt weird thinking of those letters, they felt foreign as i muttered them. One moment i was looking down at a tiny piece of colorful paper and the next i’m here, out in the middle of a golf course under countless stars(countless because i tried counting them and stopped after 50) and a smiling moon. I continued to look up at the sky as it shifted and moved like a mirage in the desert. Was the moon breathing? It looked like it, better yet it felt like it. Looking up at this crescent-shaped hole cut into the dark fabric of the night sky was surreal. It spoke to me, not in plain English but in bursts of emotions and visuals.

The stars looked more and more like gems glued to a dark canvas and hung only a couple of yards above me. The sounds of the wind blowing by and the grass shifting beneath my weight drowned my senses.  I was surrounded in a dome of natural sensations, like melting into the earth and seeing everything all at once without even shifting my gaze. I took in a long breath and held it, the visuals and fractals strengthened and saturated the sky as i breathed out. I was motionless except for my eyes, darting from star to star. A moment of bliss weighed me down and i closed my eyes.

I felt the sensation of falling, falling deep into a void. I didn’t know in what direction i was falling but the sensation was true and intense. A golden hue began to creep from the corners of the darkness and colors of greens and blues danced around like fireflies in the sky. My body tensed up and the visuals grew frantic, throwing themselves at me, small dots in the far distance growing into massive objects that took up my very being, only to disappear again. My body began to stretch, like a rubber band being pulled to it’s stretching point, the world began to shake beneath me(or at least it felt like it) A humming sound began in the back of my head and grew slowly in pitch and strength. The fractals and colors and shapes all began rushing past me, i was flying now, flying through this fractal-filled cosmos. The noise grew and grew into a piercing BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Then suddenly silence, the heaviest silence i have ever felt, it crushed my body under the weight of it, the silence seemed to carry on for years(though i knew that not even a second has passed by. Then a moment later i heard, and felt, a rip. Like the fabric of space and time being torn in half right in front of me. chaos broke through and now all my senses where thrown and bent and scattered and formed all at once into a vivid ball of energy, my form melted away and any resemblance of a human form was gone. Images of foreign entities and sounds and noises that felt as ancient as they sounded presented themselves to me. I felt like my brain were to snap under the immense stimulus. moments, or years i truly couldn’t tell, went by and everything began to fade.

The sounds withered into the background and the noise of wind and swaying grass came to the foreground. Sensations began to blanket me again, my pores and my skin began to feel once more. My heavy eyelids became weightless again and slowly i opened them. The glimmering stars and the white crescent moon took up my sight. The void-like sky seemed endless to me, the whole scene was both overwhelming and peaceful. My thoughts slowly trickled back into my consciousness.  How much time has passed? Did i really take that acid? Was it a dream? Could this be real? I reached my hand up, hoping to grab the moon or a stray star but only gripping cold air. I smiled and let out a small chuckle, i was comfortable now. I felt safe now, this was one hell of a trip i thought.


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