Drug Tales: One more dance

“Yes! Yes! ahah spin me my love!” She shouted as loud as her frail voice could shout. She was spinning looking up at the ceiling watching the room around her blend into a thick blur. She let the cold air touch her skin as she flailed and kicked, letting chemicals gush out of her pores as sweat. Her white teeth glaring through her widely stretched smile. Swirling around and showing her joy through moans and yelps.

I sat there staring at her, my knee jumping up and down and my hands scanning every inch of my surroundings for comfort. The thin layer of sweat on my brow now dripped down my temple. An energy in me beckoning, calling, pushing me to join this display of unadulterated excitement. To flail and kick and shout freely into the air. I sprang to my feet and let out a cry of passion. The music, screeching and moaning alongside us, adding to the beautiful chaos of it all.

Another swayed back and forth in the corner of the room, letting the music lift him and drop him and throw him about like a puppet. Letting the music twist and mold his body and soul into a ball of energy that thrashed about with every pluck of the guitar string and every shout from the vocals.

A cluster of energy so thick that it seemed to weigh down the air around us. That did not matter still, for we were all weightless, floating through space. Looking in through the window one would imagine a ritual or a murder to be happening. With the sporadic thrashing and the sudden yelps and shouts and the shake-you-to-your-core laughter! But too the three of us, this was sex, this was love, this was happiness, this was the purity of everything beautiful in the world, stripped of any filth, of anything improper, of any sort of unnatural essence. this was ecstasy.

So they danced, and they moved, and they felt, and they laughed, and they cried, and they lived. All withing the span of a single song. Crashing down to the ground in a sweaty pile of psychedelia and chemicals. They chuckled in between gasps of air, they locked eyes with one another, feeling their souls. The next song began and they smiled, they stood and closed their eyes, letting the music inject itself into their bloodstream. Just one more dance.


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